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Precautions for hair removal

Precautions for hair removal

Postpone the treatment date in the following cases

Even if you come to the salon, you may not be able to perform the operation

If you are worried, please consult in advance

●If you are not well

● Taking the medicine on the day
(Includes over-the-counter drugs)
※ Except for prior permission from a doctor

● The treated area is extremely sunburned

● Drinking, or plan to drink on the day

● Injuries at or around the treatment site
※ Partial treatment is possible depending on the condition

● Treatment area is extremely dry

【VIO and hip only】
● During menstruation
※ Other parts are possible

However, do not do when you are sick or your skin is sensitive

【Seasonal attention】

Dry skin is prone to trouble.
Be sure to keep it moist.

【Be careful after hair removal】
★ Things not to do on the day
▪️ Drinking
▪️ Warm in the bath
▪️ Intense exercise

★ Do not do in one week from the next day
▪️ Sunburn
▪️ Don't go to pools, sea, public baths
(Because there are many bacteria)

★ Shaving timing

About two weeks later


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